Do you dream ONE-DAY IMPLANT?

Do you dream One day Implant with having your teeth the same day? Receive minimally invasive, painless flapless surgery with an accurate surgical guide. We will deliver a fixed temporary prosthesis on the same day.


We have dared to dream of One-day implant treatment. And this is how we plan to make these dreams come true with Digital solutions and 3D guided surgery using the R2 GATE. To be a pioneer of the future of dentistry or simply to be an observer - it's your choice!

How it's done

The patient gets a CBCT (3D Xray) and we send the xray images with some impressions to the 3D center. The models are scanned and after the data is analyzed, an accurate surgical guide is made that will help us perform a computer guided surgery.

With the 3d surgical guide we can order to insert at the same day of surgery the permanent or final restorations according to the patients needs.

Each case is different, so together we will discuss
the advantages and disadvantages of each case selectively