Bleaching is the most concervative method in esthetic dentistry for getting a brighter and a nicer smile. According to the method that suites you, you can get the smile that you've always wanted in less than 2 hours.

A common question of the patient is: Is bleaching going to harm my teeth?

If the procedure is done by a specialized trained dentist, the procedure is safe and does not heart the teeth or harm them. The agent in the bleaching will work to dissolve the stains from the teeth leaving them shinny white. A brighter smile will boost your confidence and make you smile more.

When do i need bleaching
  • If you don't feel confident with your smile
  • Teeth that have yellow or grey stains
  • Teeth that have white spots
  • As we get older our teeth tent to get more yellow so bleaching aids to a more youthful look

Bleaching Methods

In office bleaching ZOOM
It's an in office procedure where bleaching gel is applied on the teeth and with the zoom light we activate the bleaching gel to have the best possible results.
  • In less than 2 hours your teeth will get at least two shades whiter
  • Minor to none sensitivity during the procedure
  • Its more costly than the home bleaching
Home bleaching
The dentist will give you customised trays and the bleaching gel and you can do the procedure at home. It lasts about 2 weeks
  • Less costly method
  • Has really good results since you can do the bleaching until you get the desired result.
  • The procedure takes about two weeks
  • Some sensitivity might appear while the procedure lasts but it disappears as soon as the bleaching is over

Each case is different, so together we will discuss
the advantages and disadvantages of each case selectively